What is a software incident report?

Software incident report (also known as incident management, incident tracking or IT incident reporting) is a process of collecting and organising information about the errors in computer systems. 

This allows for evaluating what happened and who was involved, making it possible to investigate why something went wrong and prevent future incidents. Software incident reporting software tools allow you to set up incident reports and notify the right people as soon as an incident happens.

Incident report software is a type of incident management tool that allows organizations to manage and resolve computer incidents more efficiently. This helps reduce customer complaints and increase productivity by reducing downtime, reducing waste and saving money. It provides timely incident reporting and analysis, incident resolution information, resolution steps and incident metrics.

Software incident report software has a range of incident management features including incident reporting tools, incident prioritization services, root cause analysis tools, automated notifications and escalation management tools. It can be used by large organisations as well as small businesses. 

Software incident report software comes with many different incident report templates that can be customised to fit your incident management process. It allows you to define incident types and incident severity levels, and also tracks the progress and resolution of each incident.

Yes, incident reports are important in incident management. Incidents happen all the time in software companies.

The incident report usually contains:

  • an incident summary (what happened)
  • incident description (an incident timeline, employees that tried things to solve the incident, potential causes of the incident, etc.)
  • incident resolution (how was it fixed?)

It is common that every successful incident report is shared with the incident management group and team members, who can learn from the incident.

Incident reports should be well structured and written in a clear way. That’s why it is common to use special incident report software to create incident reports quickly and effectively.