What To Look For In Incident Reporting Software

The incident reporting process is often a requirement for organisations of any size. It is important to consider incident reporting software as an option , because it can make the incident reporting process much easier and faster. 

So, what should you look for in incident reporting software?

First, decide whether or not you want incident reporting software that pulls information from your network. This is great if your organisation uses specific pieces of software that your employees will need to report incidents through anyway (i.e.: ticketing systems) as they will feel more familiar with the incident reporting process and submit reports more easily. 

Second, determine how quickly incident reports must be submitted after an incident occurs. If speed’s key, choose incident reporting software that provides users with the ability to report incidents over the phone, via text message, or through an incident reporting portal.

Lastly, incident reporting software can be expensive to purchase and maintain, so choose incident reporting software with features that are actually useful to your organisation. Some incident reporting software is very pricey for no reason- for example, incident reports often do not need the ability to track files/documents found on devices. 

Other incident reporting software has too many unnecessary features that will just slow employees down when they are trying to submit an incident report after an incident occurs. Decide what you really want (and what you really don’t) before purchasing incident reporting software.