Why You Need Incident Management Software

When you are in the business of incident management, safety, incident reporting, incident investigation, safety management or quality risk management for any size company , there are certain steps that every incident must go through.

With incident information being so critically important to companies in these fields – it is vital that they have incident report software that can make sure all incident reports are filled out correctly and your incident data is always up-to-date. This technology will streamline the incident reporting process along with saving money and time.

Let’s take a look at what an ideal incident report has for its content. This data should be automatically collected using incident management software:

  • An easy to find category for your product/service
  • An incident type that makes sense for your incident
  • Key metrics about the incident
  • As well as relevant information on costs, time and people involved.

Now let’s see how incident management software would help you with this task:

1) Categorising Your Product or Service

An incident report software should have multiple ways to categorise your product or service. This way it is easier to track specific issues within the data you are collecting, all while avoiding duplicates in your incident reports .

2) Customisable Incident Types

Having customisable incident types will make sure every incident report is filled out correctly – which saves time when it comes to the investigation process. With custom incident types,you can structure incident types on incident management software according to industry standards.

3) Data Centralisation and Time Savings

Data centralisation will cut down time spent on incident investigation, incident reporting and incident trending. With incident trending you can use the data of your incident reports to adjust future product or service design that will help prevent additional incidents in the future 

4) Tracking Costs, Trends & People

Being able to track costs, trends and people within an incident report is important for future trend analysis – which allows companies to make calculated decisions on incident cost versus impact of precautionary measures. Without proper incident management software you could be wasting valuable money or even lives!